New Member Signup Process

All forms required can be found on the Form & Docs page for download and printing. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this.

Beginner/New Memberships
All new beginner members need to download both the "Caribbean Speed Club Membership Form" and the "Caribbean Speed Club Indemnity Form". Print both of these forms, fill them in and present them, along with the appropriate payment to one of our committee AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to a training session. Our committee members are usually collecting the class fees and have a table and a "Caribbean Speed Club" banner set up.
Once your paperwork and payment have been received, you will be given your two free lesson cards. Do not lose these as they will not be replaced.

All Other Memberships
Other memberships include the advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced and all outdoor skaters. These skaters need both of the forms mentioned above and also require a Skate Australia membership. This form is called the "SAVS Membership Form".
Skaters who have been given the approval to transition to the Advanced Beginner class will need to fill this form out and pay the appropriate fee prior to joining the class.

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