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Membership with Caribbean Speed Club is open to all, however due to the nature of speed skating and the basic technique required, we recommend a minimum level 2 certificate in Star/Beginner Class which is hosted by Caribbean Rollerama on a Wednesday afternoon from 4:30-5:30pm and also on Saturday mornings from 11:30am-12:30pm. The level 2 certificate is the basic ability to " cross over" when cornering which is a fundamental skill required for speed skating. This is not compulsory and only a recommendation in order to get the most out of the speed training. Although this is not compulsory, it will give the new speed skater a huge advantage and make performing the drills and excersises much easier.

Our beginners class requires the club membership to be applied for and also an indemnity form to be signed. Once a skater reaches a level beyond the beginner class they are required to become a member of Skate Australia, via SAVS, the Victoria branch for speed. Forms for membership with the club and for Skate Australia are available in the "Forms & Docs" link button on the left of this page.

2017 fees for CSC Membership (subject to change after annual general meeting):

$50.00 for Single Membership

$80.00 for Family Membership (immediate family only, up to 2 Adults, 2 Children)

Skate Australia membership: This provides a level of insurance (please see the Skate Australia web site for further information), public liability insurance for the club, and provides access to state, national and international competition events.  The insurance is in levels and is set by the Skate Australia body, please contact the club for further information on current fees applicable.

There are other clubs within Victoria and Australia, for reasons of simplicity and administration, members may only be a financial member of one speed club.

Class Fees:

It works on a pay as you go system, currently class fees are $10 per skater per class.   Please take note of the "Training Sessions" section for current schedule of classes, remembering when initially joining you must start with the beginner class.  The club has a progression system in place for those wanting to eventually move on to competitive racing.

What equipment do I need?

Beginner skaters can wear comfortable clothes such as shorts and T-shirt, or track suit. The club has an official uniform which can be purchased from our online shop, consisting of a club skin suit and T-shirt. For indoor training you will need a helmet (compulsory) and inline speed skates. Initially, skates can be hired from the rink however these are not speed skates and will not give the skater the ability to perform some of the exercises efficiently. Before purchasing skates, please consult the coaches as to the guidelines imposed for Junior skaters.

Gloves and helmet are both compulsory for outdoor skating and elbow / knee guards are optional.

The club operates a page on Facebook named "Speed Skate Sales Australia" where members can sell or purchase second-hand goods. Contact the club for further information if required.

Powerslide is the official partner and supporter of the club and provides skate equipment at very competitive pricing. See Scott Clayton at the club but please keep in mind that things can get a little busy prior to a training session and you may need to wait until that session has completed. Alternatively, you can regularly find Scott rolling around the rink during general sessions on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
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